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Wednesday 9th August

Busy week since landing. Got a car, got the mobile sorted. Money goes too quick here.  I have to get back into the uk culture again. But so far so good. A bit stressful but I am looking forward to college.


Wednesday 2nd August

I made it back to uk safely. The flight was easy and the plane was half full so I had 2 seats. Just under 5 hours. I really like the camera that lets you see the take off and landing. Food was ok. Fish or Beef. Film was that daft disney about dogs in the ice.

 Matthew picked me up and we had a quick ride down to Deal. Then arrived and saw the family. Gave out the presents. Had an early nite and drunk too much duty free…

 Today I met my professor and had a tour of the campus and the music department. I can have tution on piano and another instrument, so I will endeavour to improve the trumpet. Then came home and had a take away curry…