Thursday 21st September 2006

Long time since writing! Just a very difficult month in many ways. Shock at trying to get back into UK lifestyle etc. However very good things have been happening. I got a Rover Estate car. 10 years old but very good with low miles the other day. And smart looking in dark blue. Mark from Music Makers shop in Canterbury gave me his old HS8 Yamaha in preparation for the organ Festival in Suffolk. I managed to make a new CD and it sold very well making enough to buy the car. My show went very well and the audience enjoyed it.

  I started my university degree this week. I went to evensong at the cathedral which brought back memories. It seems that a lot of my course will involve making music in Canterbury Cathedral. So far all good. I hope to take a few students and tomorrow I will hear if I got a great Saturday job teaching kids in a Theatre School.

I say a big Hi to Alan and Shirley and sorry for my lack of communication. Hi Sam and sorry that my computer connections have been bad the last few days. Things will improve. Still missing Egypt in some ways although life here is easy in comparison!! And I should know…Bye for now



  1. Alan & Shirley Said:

    Hi Martin,

    Nice to see you back on the blog again. Thanks for the thought. Look forward to seeing your updates. Might catch you on MSN sometime. Great to hear you are doing some concerts and most of all making some money from it. All the very best with your degree course.


    Alan & Shirley

  2. Andrew H Said:

    Hi Martin,

    Its been a while since you wrote in your blog…

    check this site out….

    See ya


  3. Amen and AMEN!!! This is where the “rubber meets the road” for the body. Click

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