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Thursday 21st September 2006

Long time since writing! Just a very difficult month in many ways. Shock at trying to get back into UK lifestyle etc. However very good things have been happening. I got a Rover Estate car. 10 years old but very good with low miles the other day. And smart looking in dark blue. Mark from Music Makers shop in Canterbury gave me his old HS8 Yamaha in preparation for the organ Festival in Suffolk. I managed to make a new CD and it sold very well making enough to buy the car. My show went very well and the audience enjoyed it.

  I started my university degree this week. I went to evensong at the cathedral which brought back memories. It seems that a lot of my course will involve making music in Canterbury Cathedral. So far all good. I hope to take a few students and tomorrow I will hear if I got a great Saturday job teaching kids in a Theatre School.

I say a big Hi to Alan and Shirley and sorry for my lack of communication. Hi Sam and sorry that my computer connections have been bad the last few days. Things will improve. Still missing Egypt in some ways although life here is easy in comparison!! And I should know…Bye for now


Wednesday 9th August

Busy week since landing. Got a car, got the mobile sorted. Money goes too quick here.  I have to get back into the uk culture again. But so far so good. A bit stressful but I am looking forward to college.

Wednesday 2nd August

I made it back to uk safely. The flight was easy and the plane was half full so I had 2 seats. Just under 5 hours. I really like the camera that lets you see the take off and landing. Food was ok. Fish or Beef. Film was that daft disney about dogs in the ice.

 Matthew picked me up and we had a quick ride down to Deal. Then arrived and saw the family. Gave out the presents. Had an early nite and drunk too much duty free…

 Today I met my professor and had a tour of the campus and the music department. I can have tution on piano and another instrument, so I will endeavour to improve the trumpet. Then came home and had a take away curry…

Saturday 29th July

My final week end in Maadi…

2 days in Egypt left to go. Have been busy packing so have neglected the blog… Sorry.

Everything is going ok. The flat is emptying of stuff I am giving away or storing in box`s.  Just going to City Stars shopping Mall to get a few gifts to take back… BFN

Saturday 22nd July


 Still counting the days. Have been to St Johns tonight and met up with Maurice Sinclair and his wife who have returned to Cairo Cathedral till December. Walked back to the appartment. Nice warm evening in Maadi. All the police asleep in their boxes. I like Maadi in the Summer. Most of the foreigners are abroad and its very quiet. Watching BBC world and now its top gear on the box.  Will probably stay in tonight.

Monday 17th July

Now the car is well and truly gone it feels like when I first arrived here, walking everywhere.

But its been so cool wandering the streets. I will really miss Egypt and I am having second thoughts…No I will fly back to uk of course, its just that I really have had a good experience here. And wonder if I am making a good move. Yes I must get that music degree and in uk its going to cost a lot less than trying to go to the States or do it here at AUC. $8,000 per semester whereas I can get the grant and the student loan in uk which will really help. Its good to know that I am not leaving cos I hate the place. That is something I have done before. Now I am leaving because its the right thing to do. I hope I get back here one day…


Thanks for all the emails coming from the organfax news website article, about me coming back to UK.  Seems that I will be back into concerts as soon as I get back. I won`t know my schedule till I land in August though so please hang on! I will confirm as soon as possible.

Today I went out to road 9 in Maadi. Then on to Heliopolis. And walked for miles round the shops. Took an hour trying to cross Saleh Salem road and saw an amazing car crash. No one hurt but everyone shouting at everyone else. Horse riding tomorrow at Giza….


Not a lot happening. I agreed to play piano at St Johns church here in Maadi every Saturday night. I would otherwise have probably left before now. So I am counting Saturdays. Just 3 before I fly. I just play a bit as they are coming in. Then the Hymns. Then a play out. Not too hard.


Time passes slowly. 3 weeks exactly to leaving Egypt on a one way ticket. I did imagine that I would be staying another year at least. But I am now looking forward to a new chapter. Feels like I am moving forward rather than going back and that`s good really. Have had a lot of emails from the organ world. Good friends that I really look forward to catching up with when I get back.

Thing is that when you are working every day the time passes faster. But just sitting around is no good. I am going out into town, maybe a trip into the Bazaar as I promised to take a few gifts back. A bit touristy though. Maybe another day….

Monday later

So I got a call from Nadeem. A good friend from UK who was visiting on business. He flew in from Dubai and is returning to Manchester on Saturday. Well that got me out the house and we went on the metro down to Heliopolis and got in a cab to City Stars. Sam joined us and we did a bit of shopping and returned just now. Good to be out and do stuff. We have all planned to meet friday and go horse riding at the Pyramids…  Hey this is just like keeping a diary… I saw a sattelite dish on top of one of the houses in the city of the dead. (Graveyard) that is a new one on me…Its hot tonight.

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