just sitting in the flat thinking about what to do? After 5 years here I have seen and done a lot of stuff and its getting hard finding new stuff to do. Especially since the car went back and its too hot for walking and I really do not like the taxi`s very much. At the moment the only movies are Arabic. Still there is a lot to do in the flat. I am beginning to think about a week in Dahab before I leave. But its such a long overnight bus ride…Perhaps Ein Sukhna. Its  nice on the Red Sea and only an hour or so from here…



I am going to try to add some pictures. Here is my 1st try…Its on top of Mount Sinai at dawn


Coming back to UK…

Hi everyone. Just to say I will be flying in to Heathrow 1.30 pm August 1st. In the meantime I am waiting. Trying to get my affairs sorted. Getting rid of stuff I can`t bring back and closing down the flat. Looks like I will be doing a festival when I return… Mmmm.

The wanderer returns

Hi everyone!

 Sorry I lost this one. I was just saying hi and that I had decided to apply for a degree course, and thinking about letting folk on the organ club and festival circuit know that I am coming back.. Hopefully…

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